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A Few Short Guidelines on Effective Mold Remediation

6/6/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is the leading name in residential & commercial mold remediation caused by storm/water damage or flooding.

A List of Useful Pointers on Mold Growth and Its Remedies

Mold can grow anywhere in your home, in the form of multicellular thread like hyphae. However, it is basically found in damp building areas and materials inside the home. It contributes to poor indoor air quality. A major mold infestation is capable of putting your property and even health at risk. Therefore, it needs a quick removal from competent companies such as SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands.

You will be able to recognize it either through its musty smell or its fungal appearance on any probable affected area. If mold growth is left untreated, it may cause health concerns. Whereas, its removal is dependent on a number of factors including size of mold, area of mold growth, mold type and how much damage it has made to your home.

There are many sources of mold damage, and the possibilities include sewage or contaminated water, overflowing water from washing machine, leaks from plumbing, sources of air humidifiers or even poor ventilation, etc.

Whatever the source may be, mold removal is crucial to healthier and greener environment. So, inspect and cleanup your mold problem through professional help.

Fix Plumbing Leaks

As discussed earlier, plumbing leaks can be a possible cause for mold growth. It should be fixed as soon as problem is identified.

Scrub Mold Off Hard Surfaces

If you find any mold growth on hard surfaces, gently scrub it with detergent and water and let it dry.

Throw Away Absorbent Materials

There is a possibility that you might have to throw away porous materials such as carpets and ceiling tiles. Because mold can sneak into the empty crevices of porous materials, hence, it may be impossible to remove it completely.

Never Expose Yourself to Mold

Keep yourself covered with gloves, safety glasses and face mask while cleaning up mold to avoid exposure to mold spores that may give rise to a health concern.

Never Paint Mold-Stained Surfaces

Regular or black mold will cause discoloration and stains on walls. Always remember not to apply paint on stained walls. Firstly, clean up mold and let the surface dry before brushing on a few coat of paint.

Check for Poor Ventilation

One of the possible causes of mold progress is poor ventilation system. Inspect your property and check if there is a proper circulation of air in and out of your house. Any place that is rich in moisture will be a breeding ground for mold.

Seal Off Damaged Area

Don’t forget that water, mold or storm damage of this sort can spread easily if the right conditions are provided. Hence, use protective sheets to cover the damaged area, tapes to protect ducts and floor register opening.

Replace/Remove Damaged Wood

Wood is likely to provide food to mold as it soaks up water. Wipe away mold on surface and rinse with water. Let it dry.

Keep in mind that failure to completely remove mold from affected areas and materials will likely guarantee its return. It is always more effective to call in professional mold restoration companies such as SERVPRO of Upper Cape and the Islands. Our skilled crew will ensure the best restoration results to damage of any and all sizes.

For more information about water, storm, mold or commercial mold remediation; call us at (508) 888-5985.

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