Recent Before & After Photos

Nantucket Home Gets Deep Cleaning From SERVPRO

When the tenants moved out and left a mess behind, the property owner contacted SERVPRO for a sanitizing deep clean for this Nantucket home. The technicians arr... READ MORE

Nantucket Kitchen Gets Deep Cleaning

When the construction is completed on a Nantucket property, the dust, dirt and debris left behind needs a deep cleaning. SERVPRO technicians have the tools to b... READ MORE

Mashpee Storm Damage Collapses Ceiling

Intense storms in the Mashpee area brought storm damage to this home. After water entered the house, it ran into the floor joists between the basement and first... READ MORE

Falmouth Bathroom Leak Causes Need for Water Clean Up and Mold Remediation by SERVPRO 

A leak in a Falmouth bathroom migrated to a utility room, creating a water clean-up and mold remediation job for SERVPRO. The technicians used their moisture de... READ MORE

Sandwich Mold Damage Cleanup

The mechanical room and bathroom in this Sandwich property had mold damage appearing on the walls and ceiling. SERVPRO technicians used their moisture detection... READ MORE

Serious Water Damage in Mashpee

When a toilet leaked in this Mashpee home, the result was a huge amount of water damage cleanup in this basement. SERVPRO technicians needed to remove the carpe... READ MORE

SERVPRO Mold Removal Preserves Falmouth Homes After Disaster

The Before Photo of this Falmouth property depicts significant mold growth around plumbing in a basement ceiling. The microbial growth, which can cause health e... READ MORE

Rusty Ring in Falmouth Ceiling Hints at Big Need for Water Clean Up By SERVPRO 

A Falmouth homeowner called on SERVPRO to perform water damage remediation in the home after a rusty, reddish ring formed on the ceiling. This event was due to ... READ MORE

Edgartown Mold Remediation

An Edgartown suspected mold damage in their home and called in SERVPRO for the remediation. Upon scoping the property, the techs found a mold infestation within... READ MORE

West Tisbury Storm Damage Compounded By Mold

This West Tisbury home had storm damage that seeped through the ceiling and around the ceiling molding. The water damage got made worse by the appearance of mol... READ MORE