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Nantucket Detailed Cleaning of Fire Damage

The homeowner in this Nantucket home thought their tools would never be the same after exposure to fire damage that left them covered in a heavy layer of soot. ... READ MORE

Falmouth Basement has Deep Water Damage in Basement

A pipe burst in a Falmouth basement left several inches of standing water due to lack of drainage. SERVPRO techs have access to both truck-mounted and submersib... READ MORE

Nantucket Home Has Mold Damage Remediation Challenge for SERVPRO

Mold damage is not particularly accommodating for where it chooses to grow, and the colonies often get found in hard-to-clean areas such as this recessed niche ... READ MORE

Sandwich Home Gets Water Damage on Wall to Wall Carpet

When a water tank leaks, it can deliver a large amount of water damage in rapid fashion. This Sandwich living room found out how fast their wall to wall carpet ... READ MORE

Falmouth Toilet Overflow Needs Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

Seeing a toilet in your Falmouth apartment overflow and being unable to stop it can feel overwhelming. Cleaning up the resulting water damage needs to begin as ... READ MORE

Best Outcome for Kitchen Water Damage in Sandwich

When this kitchen in Sandwich had severe water damage and the added issue of mold growth in several areas after an appliance failure, it left the need for signi... READ MORE

Restoration Services in Nantucket Turned into Water Damage and Mold Remediation Help

When SERVPRO technicians receive a call to work on water damage in a Nantucket property, they know from both their extensive training and experience that the pr... READ MORE

Widespread Water Damage in Mashpee Home

SERVPRO techs answered a call from a Mashpee homeowner with a pipe break in a basement affecting a living room, bedroom and bathroom. The techs found that the w... READ MORE

Air Conditioner Causes Need for Mold Remediation in Mashpee

A leaking air conditioner created the perfect environment for spores to germinate and a large area of mold damage in a Mashpee home was the result. SERVPRO tech... READ MORE

Falmouth Kitchen Has Big Water Damage Problem

The refrigerator in a Falmouth Kitchen developed a line leak that left significant water damage throughout the room. SERVPRO techs scoped the room upon arrival ... READ MORE