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8 Indicators that Your Air Ducts Require a Professional Cleanup

3/15/2018 (Permalink)

Air duct/HVAC vent cleaning service by SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is the ideal choice due to their professionalism and efficiency.

The air ducts and HVAC vents within your house are what make your homes breathe, so to speak. It ventilates the air within your house to bring in fresh air for you to breathe. Therefore, it has to be taken care of properly as any disruption in the vent system will lead to compromise in the indoor air quality. SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands knows that there is no hard and fast rule to when you should get the air ducts in your house inspected, cleaned or replaced. However, there are quite a few indicators that will point towards a much-needed air duct cleanup. Also, if you can’t remember the last time any professional cleaned the ducts, it may very well be time for another thorough cleanup.

Here are few indications that will help you in determining whether you need to get the air ducts cleaned or not:

Indications of Mold or Mildew

Take a closer look within the visible areas of the ductwork and check for indications of slime, mildew, mold or any other microbial growth. If you find any, it will have to be removed, cleaned and restored properly. Mold spores may cause health concerns in certain individuals, as these will be dispersed freely within the ductwork and the house every time you switch on the heating or air conditioning system. Get proper mold remediation from the skilled, experienced and professional crew of SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands.

Presence of Water Damage

Mold and mildew is always caused in the presence of moisture, and what causes moisture? The abundance of water! Check the air ducts and vents thoroughly and look for any leakages within or without. Any damaged surface will slowly seep in water and pool it in to cause water damage as well as mold damage. Never forget to clear out the source of water damage before beginning to cleanup its symptoms.

Rodent and Vermin Infestation

If you can clearly hear fluttering of wings, scampering of paws, or any other animal noises from within the air ducts, you will have to get help from professional cleanup services. Similarly call them in also if you can find evidence of animal droppings, nests, eggs, feathers, skin, etc. The best way to stop such invasion is to seal off entry and exit points of the ductwork with proper-sized meshwork.

Unpleasant and Foul Odors

Any kind of unpleasant, foul, offensive, rotten or musty odor that is pouring forth from the air vents needs to be checked. Usually, a musty odor is an indication of mold growth whereas other foul odors can be from a number of reasons such as dead animals, insects, vermin, etc. Ensure that your air ducts are free of any such sources of unwanted odors. 

HVAC Airflow is Restricted

Another reason for getting the air ducts cleaned is because it greatly affects the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system. A restricted airflow in the air ducts will cause the back-end machinery to overwork and even break down. There may be quite a few reasons for blockage of normal airflow including accumulation of dust, debris, vermin, insects, rodents, dead birds, bird nests, etc. Get the ductwork cleaned for maximum flow of clean and fresh air.

The Ductwork is Damaged

There are many kinds of ductwork installed these days including the conventional metal sheet ducts and fiberglass. Over the course of years, these may get damaged, broken, unsealed, affected by wear and tear, or even get gaping holes for one reason or the other. Inspect the ductwork, and if you see damage, get in touch with professionals to get it fixed. Any damage will increase the likelihood of indoor air quality being compromised.

Signs of Dust and Debris

If the air ducts in your house are visibly blowing out particles of debris, dust, cobweb, etc., then it is surely time that you get them cleaned. Any delay may elevate the situation and cause unwelcomed health hazards. It is natural for HVAC network to accumulate a good amount of dust, debris and even cobwebs over the years. Hence, if it has been years since the last air duct cleanup, call in the professionals as soon as possible.

Unexplained Health Issues

Because of poor indoor air quality due to any one of the reasons we mentioned earlier, you and your family may be prone to a number of health concerns. If there is a sudden appearance of unexplained illness, allergies, etc., it may be because of unhealthy, dirty, and affected HVAC vents. We, at SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands, advise that you get the ductwork inspected, and if required, cleaned professionally. The safety and health of you and your loved ones is a priority for us.

If you’re a resident of Cape Cod, MA and looking for a reliable air duct and HVAC vent cleaning service, then SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is the choice for you. Get in touch now at (508) 888-5985.

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