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Things That Frost My Cookies

9/11/2015 (Permalink)

There are certain things in life that though they are minor and inconsequential—irk us. They are called pet peeves—little annoyances that get under our skin. On occasion, I will complain to whoever is nearby about the irritation I just experienced but most of the time I simply keep my thoughts to myself. For instance, if a friend or business associate commits one of these faux pas, I let it pass and don’t say anything. I have a good friend and an associate that I greatly admire; they both use the word irregardless. Not a big deal, but it's not a word. Heck, right now spell check is highlighting that word in red to let me know I may have a misspelling here. Ninety percent of the time when these two people use the word, they really intend to use the word irrespective or regardless. But they don’t. They use irregardless. Well regardless of your thoughts about this word, here are a few more of my pet peeves—you know, the things that make me cringe!

People who misuse the words there, their, and they’re.

People who misuse the words your and you’re. And even worse, people who abbreviate the word “your” by spelling it “ur” and the word “you,” by spelling it “u.” And trust me, it’s even worse when they commit that error in a cover letter when applying for a job—round file!

People who drive slowly in the left lane.

Drivers who are too busy chatting—or worse texting—on their phone to pay attention to the road.

Drivers who stop at a yield sign rather than yield.

Drivers who don’t understand that the vehicles in the rotary have the right of way!

Drivers who cross over the parking lines, taking up two spaces in a parking lot —especially during the holiday season.

People who over share—I really don’t need to know that you are going into the bathroom to pee. Please let me use my imagination.

People who talk loudly on their cell phones in public places such as the grocery store. But, being the curious person I am, I will listen to the conversation and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it.

People who leave dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty. And by people, I mean my husband and other members of the family.

When my husband takes my electric toothbrush off of the charger to charge his—and neglects to tell me.

Finding a coupon after it expires and it was actually a coupon I could use!

People who mistake being busy for having bad time management skills—there is a difference.

So there is my list of minor irritations. The great thing about pet peeves is that everybody has them, so please feel free to share yours!

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