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Falmouth Bathroom Leak Causes Need for Water Clean Up and Mold Remediation by SERVPRO 

A leak in a Falmouth bathroom migrated to a utility room, creating a water clean-up and mold remediation job for SERVPRO. The technicians used their moisture detection equipment to track the water between the rooms and determine the migration path of the water as well as determine the areas under flooring and behind walls with potential mold growth that would need attention from the mold specialists from SERVPRO in Falmouth home. 

Mold Inspection Reveals Widespread Growth on Falmouth Walls

The black mold growing in the Falmouth walls was visible as seen in the Before Photo, and the certified technicians from SERVPRO know that often mold colonies are within the walls. Upon scoping other areas of the worksite, ceilings, and floors, SERVPRO techs found no other evidence of mold colonies. The important parts of mold remediation in Falmouth properties are:

- Containment to inhibit airborne spore spread

- Lowering interior humidity below 50%

- Drying and performing abatement on existing mold colonies

Actions During Mold Remediation in Falmouth by SERVPRO

Even though the worksite area was limited to a couple of rooms in the Falmouth home, the mold infestation had spread widely across the lower portion of the wall in the utility room. When the mold damage in a Falmouth property grows in a single area, SERVPRO technicians put up containment around the rooms, including the vents. The concrete substrate did not show signs of mold growth but received treatment with antimicrobial cleaning agents to ensure that potential mold spore germination and growth got discouraged. The technicians removed the sheetrock deteriorated by the mold in the Falmouth utility room. However, the sheetrock on the other side did not need to get removed, saving the homeowner from the expense of getting repairs done on both sides of the wall. Insulation exposed to mold generally has zero potential for restoration. SERVPRO technicians removed the yellow insulation from the opened wall cavity using a vacuum with a specially fitted bag for collection. The yellow color of the fiberglass insulation comes from a binder added for additional stability. The After Photo shows the freshly removed sheetrock. 

Water Damage Restoration Actions in This Falmouth Property

The other side of this Falmouth job for the SERVPRO techs was the water damage restoration. The technicians did not need to extract water. Still, to improve the situation and negate any further water damage repairs, the technicians needed to deploy drying equipment in the Falmouth property. SERVPRO techs have extensive training in water damage restoration as well as mold remediation. The techs measure the interior humidity levels and set a drying goal under 50% or lower to ensure that the environment both dries the structure and creates an inhospitable place for the mold. It is not uncommon for the dried matter to get left behind on the framework left after the controlled demo performed on the sheetrock in the Falmouth utility room by SERVPRO.

SERVPRO techs perform mold remediation carefully to ensure no cross-contamination occurs and address all the mold colonies within the worksite. After the mold removal and drying of the structure, treatments with antimicrobial solutions and sealants keep any further mold damage at bay in the Falmouth property.