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8 Indicators that Your Air Ducts Require a Professional Cleanup

3/15/2018 (Permalink)

General 8 Indicators that Your Air Ducts Require a Professional Cleanup Air duct/HVAC vent cleaning service by SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is the ideal choice due to their professionalism and efficiency.

The air ducts and HVAC vents within your house are what make your homes breathe, so to speak. It ventilates the air within your house to bring in fresh air for you to breathe. Therefore, it has to be taken care of properly as any disruption in the vent system will lead to compromise in the indoor air quality. SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands knows that there is no hard and fast rule to when you should get the air ducts in your house inspected, cleaned or replaced. However, there are quite a few indicators that will point towards a much-needed air duct cleanup. Also, if you can’t remember the last time any professional cleaned the ducts, it may very well be time for another thorough cleanup.

Here are few indications that will help you in determining whether you need to get the air ducts cleaned or not:

Indications of Mold or Mildew

Take a closer look within the visible areas of the ductwork and check for indications of slime, mildew, mold or any other microbial growth. If you find any, it will have to be removed, cleaned and restored properly. Mold spores may cause health concerns in certain individuals, as these will be dispersed freely within the ductwork and the house every time you switch on the heating or air conditioning system. Get proper mold remediation from the skilled, experienced and professional crew of SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands.

Presence of Water Damage

Mold and mildew is always caused in the presence of moisture, and what causes moisture? The abundance of water! Check the air ducts and vents thoroughly and look for any leakages within or without. Any damaged surface will slowly seep in water and pool it in to cause water damage as well as mold damage. Never forget to clear out the source of water damage before beginning to cleanup its symptoms.

Rodent and Vermin Infestation

If you can clearly hear fluttering of wings, scampering of paws, or any other animal noises from within the air ducts, you will have to get help from professional cleanup services. Similarly call them in also if you can find evidence of animal droppings, nests, eggs, feathers, skin, etc. The best way to stop such invasion is to seal off entry and exit points of the ductwork with proper-sized meshwork.

Unpleasant and Foul Odors

Any kind of unpleasant, foul, offensive, rotten or musty odor that is pouring forth from the air vents needs to be checked. Usually, a musty odor is an indication of mold growth whereas other foul odors can be from a number of reasons such as dead animals, insects, vermin, etc. Ensure that your air ducts are free of any such sources of unwanted odors. 

HVAC Airflow is Restricted

Another reason for getting the air ducts cleaned is because it greatly affects the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system. A restricted airflow in the air ducts will cause the back-end machinery to overwork and even break down. There may be quite a few reasons for blockage of normal airflow including accumulation of dust, debris, vermin, insects, rodents, dead birds, bird nests, etc. Get the ductwork cleaned for maximum flow of clean and fresh air.

The Ductwork is Damaged

There are many kinds of ductwork installed these days including the conventional metal sheet ducts and fiberglass. Over the course of years, these may get damaged, broken, unsealed, affected by wear and tear, or even get gaping holes for one reason or the other. Inspect the ductwork, and if you see damage, get in touch with professionals to get it fixed. Any damage will increase the likelihood of indoor air quality being compromised.

Signs of Dust and Debris

If the air ducts in your house are visibly blowing out particles of debris, dust, cobweb, etc., then it is surely time that you get them cleaned. Any delay may elevate the situation and cause unwelcomed health hazards. It is natural for HVAC network to accumulate a good amount of dust, debris and even cobwebs over the years. Hence, if it has been years since the last air duct cleanup, call in the professionals as soon as possible.

Unexplained Health Issues

Because of poor indoor air quality due to any one of the reasons we mentioned earlier, you and your family may be prone to a number of health concerns. If there is a sudden appearance of unexplained illness, allergies, etc., it may be because of unhealthy, dirty, and affected HVAC vents. We, at SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands, advise that you get the ductwork inspected, and if required, cleaned professionally. The safety and health of you and your loved ones is a priority for us.

If you’re a resident of Cape Cod, MA and looking for a reliable air duct and HVAC vent cleaning service, then SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is the choice for you. Get in touch now at (508) 888-5985.

10 Tips for Cleaning and Removing Fire and Smoke Damage Odors

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 10 Tips for Cleaning and Removing Fire and Smoke Damage Odors SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod & the Islands is a leader in fire, smoke, water, storm and mold damage restoration of residential or commercial disasters.

A fire accident is not only injurious to the health of residents of the house at the time of the accident but also quite damaging if not treated properly through professional means. A fire and smoke damage restoration company will ensure that once the green light has been given by the firefighters, your house is made habitable, safe, clean and healthy once again. In their efforts, they will get rid of any and all supplementary hazards. These include unintentional water damage caused by the firefighting efforts, accumulation of hazardous soot, unhealthy levels of smoke odor, etc.

Depending majorly on the size of the fire, exposure time and the amount of material burned, the reconstruction and restoration service will enable you to get your life back on track in minimal time. Our professional crew from SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands will clean and restore every nook and cranny of your house, and leave it to you with extraordinary results. It will be “like it never even happened”.

The following are a few tips that we know will be useful in cleaning, removing unwanted smoke odor:

Fabrics & Textiles

All kinds of textiles and fabrics such as blankets, cushions, covers, curtains, etc. should immediately be removed. Wash these, or get them dry cleaned. Store the fresh, clean textiles outside of the affected areas until all is clear and clean inside.

Entire Windows

All kinds of windows, and window shades, screens, panes, frames and sills should be cleaned properly with the right cleaning solution. Use a solution of hot water and vinegar to eradicate tougher residues from blinds, sills and frames. Always use a specific wood-friendly cleaner for wooden surfaces and blinds.

Window Screens & Mesh

For the window screens and mesh, a mixture of or independently-used shampoo or dish soap will be enough. Rinse, clean, and repeat until desired result is achieved. Dry these with fresh air or via a fan.

All Solid Surfaces

For all solid surfaces, use a mixture of white vinegar, warm water and dish soap to cleanup thoroughly. This will be effective for removal of smoke particles from walls, doors, ceilings, door frame, cabinets, shelves, baseboards, furniture, etc. Dry out whatever you can out in the sun on a windy/sunny day. Sunlight coupled with fresh air will aid in eradicating unwanted odors. Similarly, clean all fixtures, switches, piping, etc.

Uncarpeted Floors

The mixture of warm water, white vinegar and dish soap is also effective for all uncarpeted floors. Use a mop, and after cleaning, wash it under running water. Get the mop cleaned before heading for another mopping session or else you’ll only be dispersing the particles onto the surfaces once again.

Upholstery & Carpets

Carpets and upholstery is among the most challenging surfaces to clean when affected by fire, water and smoke. The fibrous materials absorb smoke particles deep within, which is why they have to be cleaned effectively. Sprinkle baking soda and leave it be to absorb all undesired odor. Use a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to siphon out the particles and clean it.

Painted Surfaces

After a fire incident, it is advised to repaint the house for safer and cleaner walls. However, you can make use of cleaning products that contain ammonia or glycol to clean off walls. These are helpful in neutralizing odors. Clean properly and let dry completely.

Primers & Latex Paints

Most professionals recommend using a primer to hold off all unpleasant odors. Latex paints are beneficial in finishing off the last coat of the paint job. These will keep the surfaces smelling pleasant and fresh.

Air Out the House

You will be required to air out the house after the cleanup. Use fans, air blowers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc. to get the desired result. Ventilate properly by keeping one entry point and one exit point for the circulation of fresh air. It will help remove odor from every corner of the house.

Airducts & HVAC Vents

After fire and smoke damage, the HVAC network and airducts within your house are very likely to be contaminated with smoke particles, soot residue, water accumulation and even mold growth. Get it inspected and cleaned properly by professionals from SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands. If the network has been compromised beyond cleanup, it will have to be replaced. Get the airducts and vents cleaned efficiently to ensure good indoor air quality.

For more information on smoke and fire damage reconstruction in Cape Cod, MA, get in touch with our professionals. Call us now at (508) 888-5985.

5 Key Points to Consider for Commercial Cleaning

11/10/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial 5 Key Points to Consider for Commercial Cleaning SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands offers commercial cleaning services; HVAC duct, carpet, floor, kitchen cleaning and mold remediation.

Whether your Cape Cod business is a for-profit or a non-profit a polished image is the best image to have.

Many offices and commercial buildings have a regular cleaning crew that takes care of everyday cleaning needs within and without the premises. However, this cleaning may not be sufficient in terms of completely getting rid of deeper and tougher stains, and even mold damage. Despite the fact that offices are mostly used and frequented during the daytime, there are not completely free of wear and tear or accumulation of dust, dirt, etc. This is why you have to consider professional cleaners that will take good care of your commercial property and clean and maintain it. SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is available to help you out in this regard.

Here are five key points that need to be considered in terms of commercial cleaning:

Cleaning of HVAC Ducts

There is no sure shot way of knowing when you should consider getting the HVAC and air ducts at your premises clean. However, there are many pointers that can indicate that it is better to clean up the vents. If you are certain that the HVAC and air ducts have remained untouched for months or even years, then consult professional vent cleaners immediately. These hidden, dark tunnels are prone to high amounts of dust, dirt, debris, pet hair, vermin, pollen, contaminants and even mold accumulation.

Maintenance of Floors

The floors at your commercial setting can be divided into carpeted and non-carpeted floors. The latter has other subcategories such as hard floors which includes tiled and hardwood flooring. There is a targeted method for cleaning all these types. Since carpeted floors are highly susceptible to dust and dirt, they pose a relatively tougher challenge when it comes to cleaning as opposed to other types. A proper cleanup of your floors should be carried out to avoid contaminants from spreading elsewhere in the office.

Detailed Cleaning of Spaces

A great number of modern offices have exposed beams, sophisticated fixtures, wall panels, chandeliers, etc., as an element of style. All these along with drapery and blinds remain uncleaned and ignored for months at a stretch. To preserve the aesthetic finesse, get the help of professional cleaners who will ensure a thorough cleanup of all elements. Even the walls and ceilings need to dusted and cleaned periodically to keep the office environment clean and healthy, and occupants happy and productive.

Deep Cleaning of Kitchens

The kitchens in most commercial spaces experience heavy usage but mostly during the day. It is very common to neglect commercial kitchens as far as deep cleaning is concerned. Many offices and even restaurants maintain the kitchen areas with repeated superficial cleaning. However, this may not be sufficient to get rid of tougher stains such as the ones caused by grease, oil, etc. Ensure that you get the kitchens deep cleaned by professionals after a certain duration since cleaner spaces keep everyone healthy.

Commercial Mold Restoration

There can be many reasons for mold to appear on any surface or area within your commercial property such as water leakages. Dingy, damp and dark areas are highly prone to mold accumulation, especially kitchens, bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, hard-to-reach nooks, and crannies, etc. Once the mold appears, it starts spreading slowly. It can also pose a health concern for the office occupants. Mold can only be remediated with the help of professionals who handle water and mold damage restoration.

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands offers competent, professional and effective commercial cleaning service to handle all sorts of cleaning issues for your offices.

For more information, call us at (508) 888-5985.

12 Types of Storms

11/10/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage 12 Types of Storms SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is competent storm damage restoration service that will help you restore your property

Don't like the weather on Cape Cod? Wait a minute, it's sure to change!

Being a part of the Cape Cod community, SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands understands the needs and requirements of the locals when it comes to storm damage. Not only are we proactive in our approach towards disaster remediation, but we also ensure that our clients get the best restoration services available. Storms come in all sizes, shapes, and forms, and we understand that our region is prone to seasonal storms of many types. From tropical storms to hurricanes, the Cape Cod residents have braved through it all, and we have always been there to help them get their property back to "Like it never even happened."

Here, we are highlighting the most common types of storms that are prevalent in the Cape Cod, Massachusetts:


With strong and heavy winds, hail storms can range from moderate to severe type. Based on the size and shape of the ice pellets and hailstones, it can cause minimum to high damage to your property. The size of the pellets can range between 0.2 to 0.5 centimeters in diameter.

Ice Storms

Similar to hail storms, ice storms are also pushed by heavy and strong winds. Instead of carrying hailstones and ice pellets, the ice storm usually brings rain. Due to freezing temperatures, the rain freezes upon falling on the ground or on impact. Ice storms can weaken wooden structures, poles, buildings as these can be responsible for ripping apart grown trees due to the accumulation of weight on the branches.


When the temperature falls lower than zero, the strong winds spread snowflakes. This kind of storm is called a snow storm. If the storm is prolonged for hours or overnight, it can easily form inches of snow cover. On the weak areas of your property, this accumulation can cause stress and even breakage.


When a snowstorm worsens, it ends up becoming a blizzard. These will have stronger winds of around and over 35 miles per hour. Another indication of blizzards is that these will continue on for hours. The wind damage can become devastating for weaker and standalone structures. The snow that gathers in the storm will impact roofs, windows, etc.


When the skies turn dark due to heavy clouds and are accompanied by highly frequent lightning, then it is called a thunderstorm. Moderate to heavy rain may also fall during the thunderstorm, but not always. The severity of winds is relatively low. If the lightning strikes on your property, it will lead to heavy damages and may even cause a fire incident.


The only difference between a thunderstorm and a rainstorm is that is the former has more concentration of lightning whereas the latter brings with it heavy rainfall. Rainstorms may cause flash flooding which can heavily damage property, especially basements. Water damage and mold remediation will be necessary afterward. The tropical storms are prone to hit the Cape Cod region every five to six years, according to meteorologists.


These storms are composed of very strong and heavy winds which may or may not include rain. However, due to the intensity of the winds, windstorms are accompanied with stones, dust, and even hailstones. This storm is strong enough to uproot trees and cause damage to property, especially the exteriors.

Dust Storms

These storms carry sand particles and dust. The overcast will have a yellowish tint. Such a storm makes breathing and visibility difficult. The damage may not be as heavy as other storms but it can result in accumulation of dust particles in vents and even within houses and offices.


The content of sandstorms differs from dust storms in the sense that it carries majorly sand. These storms are more common in and around desert areas where the winds carry off a huge amount of sand. When faced with a sandstorm, the property may be damaged moderately to a medium level of intensity.


These are the most severe types of storms that rotate in anti-clockwise or clockwise direction. As these travel, they rip off whatever comes in their way. The destruction level is intense and precautions need to be taken beforehand to avoid damage.


This is a severe cyclone which has its origin near the equator. It travels north and hence moves counterclockwise. A hurricane is accompanied by heavy rains and violent winds. It destroys everything in its path. Cape Cod suffers the Atlantic hurricane season almost every other year which may or may not affect the region. Meteorologists state that Cape Cod is hit by a violent hurricane every eleven to twelve years.


This storm is basically a fast whirling wind which rotates clockwise and builds up due to wind pressure. The dust on the ground is forced into the swirl of the tornado. As it passes over urban areas, it rips off the property if the intensity is strong. The tornadoes that hit oceans are called water sprouts.

For any and all storm damage restoration, you can call SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands at (508) 888-5985.

5 Steps for Mold Remediation

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation 5 Steps for Mold Remediation Mold removal requires professionals. Contact SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands to get mold remediation in Cape Cod by factory trained, expert

5 Steps for Mold Remediation

Mold growth is a common but very agitating experience for a homeowner since it is an aesthetic and healthy nuisance. It is a fungus that grows in filaments and extends its growth to different areas if it remains unchecked. Proper removal and precautions are a must in order to overcome it. If you are weary of mold growth and are looking for instant, effective mold removal, then you can get in touch with SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands for its services regarding mold remediation in Cape Cod. We offer expert and factory trained restoration crew to bring back the aesthetic appeal of your house.

Here is a list of steps that are included in mold remediation:

Evaluate Moisture Content

The key factor that initiates mold growth is moisture. Assessing moisture content in the premises is very essential. Mold is an invisible invader that covers spaces which might not be visible to the naked eye. This growth will be found behind walls, inside cabinets in kitchens, on walls in a bathroom, behind the bathtubs, and surrounding window or wall near a wardrobe. It is essential to properly check these areas to evaluate the damage. You should take pictures in order to tell the restoration technicians where the mold removal should be carried out.

Analyze Extent of Contamination

Mold growth is not specified to an area as it spreads slowly but eventually to other areas as well. The analysis of its contamination will highlight its impact, according to which its way of clean-up is defined. Mold spores are also a concern that should be kept in mind while analyzing it because proper removal will ensure complete eradication of spores. These spread in the air and can cause health effects for some individuals.

Remediate Mold Contamination

This step involves the removal and clean-up that should be done to clear the affected area. After proper calculation of area, a remediation plan is designed and implemented according to the size of the area whether it is small or isolated. If you are looking to get effective mold restoration in Cape Cod, employ the services of SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands to restore the beauty of your house.

Tips for DIY Cleanup Process

The following are a few tips that are utilized for better cleaning of mold:

  • Repair any and all water leakages as this will fix the moisture content to prevent the growth of mold
  • For isolated areas, cover the surrounding door and window if the affected area is small, but if the area is large, then cover with polyethylene sheets
  • Remove all wet and mold affected materials and items
  • Discard the affected item in a thick biodegradable plastic bag with airtight seal
  • Use mask and gloves to protect yourself
  • For cleaning, wood surfaces and non-porous materials, use a brush and then wipe it with disposable wipes. Numerous cleaners are available in the market. However, you can also use homemade cleaner for mold prevention
  • Properly check the area for dirt. Dry the place properly to minimize the chance of mold growth
  • Repair or completely replace items and materials that have been affected by mold growth

Give It a Final Examination

A complete full examination of the house should be carried out once the cleanup process is done. The affected areas must be monitored first. This will ensure you that the cleanup has been done efficiently. Also, inspect other areas of the house to check for signs of mold growth. Once you are satisfied with the results, you will be ensured with better peace of mind within your house.

5 Things to Do in Case of Flooding in Your House or Business

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage 5 Things to Do in Case of Flooding in Your House or Business I'm not worried anymore because I hired SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands who will help me clean up the flood damage at my business.

What to Do If Your House or Business Floods

The world is unpredictable! No one knows what can happen in the next few minutes of your life. Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, storms, etc., are inevitable. People get confused and worried when their houses or businesses get flooded. The reason may be natural floods or even unrecognized water leakages. Most people panic when this happens, but it is nothing that cannot be handled. If not you, then with a professional, water damage restoration service in Cape Cod will be able to help you out. SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands has factory trained, skilled restoration crews that will restore your property "Like it never even happened."

Here are a few things to consider if and when your house or business gets flooded:

Locate and Stop the Source

The first thing that should be done in case of leakages in the house or business is to locate the source. Find out whether it is a pipe, the basement, bathroom, etc. If you are unable to do that, shut off the water supply to the whole house. Secondly, turn off electricity to avoid electrical failure and hazards. If you  are unable to do it yourself, call an electrician to carry out this task. If you have insurance, then it is advised to take pictures of the affected area so that the damage can be evaluated and instantly shared with the insurance agent. If affected by a natural flood, stay calm and be patient to carry out all necessary steps.

Assessment of Flood Damage

In case of insurance, after getting a go-ahead, use a pump to remove water, open your door and window for air to assist in drying. Be careful while walking to avoid fall or slip, place all valuable and important things in a dry place. If handling this situation is not your cup of tea, contact SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands for water damage removal in Cape Cod to have instant and effective results.

Calculate Additional Risks

If you are affected by a flood so much so that you have to evacuate your house or business, make sure you return back if and only if the official authorities give a green signal. Be careful when entering the house again and check for electrical supply. Check for any visible damages such as cracks, holes or weakened foundations. Contact utility companies to monitor your water, gas, electric and sewer lines to avoid additional risks.

Health is Always Wealth

Health comes first and you should take precautions to be safe. Even if the water has been cleared, your house or business may still be contaminated with sewage or household chemicals. It is better to use gloves, and wear rubber boots. Do not use food that has been contaminated even in the slightest by flood water. Also, boil the water for drinking use to avoid infection until concerned authorities declare it safe for use.

Mitigation for Mold Growth

Mold problem commonly develops after 48 to 72 hours after a flood. It is better to dry the things; removal of wet carpets and other textile and upholstery is necessary to avoid mold growth. Get in touch with SERVPRO operating from Upper Cape Cod and the Islands for mold remediation in Cape Cod through expert and professional restoration technicians.

Remember to keep in contact with concerned authorities for updates, information, and help. Above all, be safe and secure through the calamity and keep your loved ones safe too.

Yarmouth Fire Damage Restored by SERVPRO

10/9/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Yarmouth Fire Damage Restored by SERVPRO SERVPRO, the best professional fire and smoke damage restoration in Cape Cod. We are always here to help!

Yarmouth Fire Damage Remediated by SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is a leader in fire damage restoration and it is also a competent, professional mold remediation in Cape Cod. When an unfortunate incident of fire broke out in an apartment complex in Yarmouth, our services were employed for efficient cleanup and restoration. The accidental fire was later determined to be caused by misplacement of a cardboard box near the cooktop which caught fire and spread all over instantly. Yarmouth Fire Department was quick to respond and overcome the fire incident with SERVPRO swooping in the later stage to restore the property. Here’s a short overview of the incident and how we helped. On the afternoon of 25th of April, 2017, a fire broke out in the Unit of a building which is a large multi-building apartment complex. The concerned building has a total of 12 units. One building, in particular, was the first one to call in 911 and report that smoke was being seen from another unit along with fire alarms sounding loud. The Fire Inspectors and Deputy Chief were the first to arrive on the scene. After a small mishap with the supply of water, the firefighters and ambulance were able to stop the fire incident and help the people who lived there. After evacuation, extinguishment, and ventilation, the residents of all units excluding those of Unit burnt in the fire were instructed to go back to their homes.

Heavy Fire and Smoke Damage

Finally, it was reported that the unit was struck by damaged caused by heavy fire and smoke damage. Once the Yarmouth Fire Department was done with their part, SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands was called in for the restoration of the property. Because of the heavy fire and smoke, the premises were considerably damaged. The residue of smoke, fire, soot, and water was everywhere and it had to be cleaned up and the property restored back to its original state. Since SERVPRO is a leading fire restoration service in Cape Cod, we ensured that the restoration left the house in a state where it seemed ‘like it never even happened’.

 Restoration for Fire Damage

There are many things to consider when a professional cleanup and restoration company such as SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is handling a property damaged by fire. Fire is more than often an unstoppable force and if it is not stopped in time, it devours every nook and cranny of the property. But due to the courage and tireless efforts of our brave fire departments, SERVPRO rarely has to handle a property that has been damaged beyond conventional repair. When conducting fire damage repair in Cape Cod, we have to consider spaces, rooms, furniture, books, electronics, drapery and other textiles that might have been damaged. Soot, ash and other residue is the biggest challenge that SERVPRO faces during the restoration procedure.

SERVPRO, Always There to Help

After the Yarmouth fire incident was handled by the Yarmouth Fire Department, SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands was called in to remediate Unit 1218 of the building apartment complex. With the latest technology, machinery, and skilled professionals, we set to work immediately to restore the damaged unit. Our crew is capable of remediating residential as well as commercial property of any size which has faced damage due to natural calamities or accidents. Within a short duration, SERVPRO managed to complete the cleanup and restoration process to handover the property to its owners. Our quick cleanup ensured that residents returned to their homes as soon as possible.

 For inquiries and questions about Fire Smoke Damage Restoration in Cape Cod, contact us round the clock at (508) 888-5985.

Hurricane Season in Full Force for Cape Cod & the Islands

9/19/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hurricane Season in Full Force for Cape Cod & the Islands SERVPRO Ready as East Coast Prepares for Jose's Arrival.

After the recent catastrophic devastation at the hands of Hurricane Irma, the Caribbean and the East Coast prepare once again. This time, the threat comes in the name of Hurricane Jose which is swirling its way up slowly. Being the third major hurricane of the year, it is reported by officials to hit coastal areas from Virginia up towards New England. The outer Cape Cod and Boston areas have been issued a hurricane warning. SERVPRO, the leading name in water damage cleanup services is ready to face this challenge. With our 24/7 emergency service available to all in Cape Cod, we aim to minimize the damage caused in the hurricane’s wake. Our professional crew and emergency teams will help you in restoring your property to its formal glory and make it "Like it never even happened."
Here are few things for you to keep in mind regarding Jose and the probable damage it may cause:

A Little About Hurricane Jose
As of 8 am, Tuesday, September 19, 2017, latest update on Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Maria is that tropical storm watches have been issued for areas including Delaware up towards Cape Cod. The National Hurricane Center has stated that Hurricane Jose is “expected to cause direct impacts from Delaware northward to New England.” Jose will have an offshore track but it is predicted that its tropical-storm-force winds will go beyond the conventional center of circulation. It has sustained wind speed of 65 knots (75 mph; 120 km/h). Due to Jose, areas up till New York will see big wave action and erosion. An official Tropical Storm Warning has been issued in Cape Cod, especially Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

DIY Tips before the Storm Hits
First and foremost, communicate with your local authorities to ensure if there has been an evacuation warning. If you are allowed to stay within your homes, then there are quite a few DIY steps that you can manage on your own to minimize the storm damage. Ensure that you have a well-stocked Emergency Kit which includes first-aid kit, food, clothes, emergency items and such. Rehearse evacuation routes with your family members to make sure everyone knows what to do and where to gather. Apart from these, if it is safe for you stay indoors while the storm passes, ensure that you have all windows, doors and vents checked properly. Leave nothing in your lawns and backyards that may fly and damage the windows or exterior. You can contact us for further instructions on how to minimize the storm damage on your property.

SERVPRO Against Hurricane Jose
We are a locally owned company which harbors national storm resources. Since we are from the community and work for the community, we understand the need for restoration efforts that are necessary after a catastrophic disaster. Our company is based in the Upper Cape Cod and the Islands. Hence, we are ready to respond to any emergency call at any time. We pride in being active members of our community. As a reputable water removal service in Cape Cod, SERVPRO always steps up to play its part for the community.

24/7 Emergency Service Available
When dealing with hurricanes, blizzards, floods, tornadoes and the likes, we utilize our vast network of storm teams which are strategically placed. These teams are always on standby to help you in the unfortunate case where your locality gets hit by such a calamity. We have more than 1,700 franchises spread across the nation. As soon as an area is hit, we pool in the resources from our network to focus on local command centers. Their expertise are available for you all through the year. We consider no disaster to be too big as we handle residential and commercial projects of all sizes. The Catastrophic Storm Response Team has handled major disasters in the past such as Katrina, Sandy, Polar Vortex and Chicago floods among others.

We hope, pray and advise that everyone stays safe!
If you have further questions about Water Removal and Storm Damage Restoration in Cape Cod, feel free to contact us anytime at (508) 888-5985. 

Your Perfect Property Rescuers Around Cape Cod

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Your Perfect Property Rescuers Around Cape Cod Equipment is set up after all the flood cuts are complete and the insulation is removed from the wall cavities to ensure the structure dries properly.

Property these days is neither easy to make nor easy to maintain. Getting calls for urgent help as water leakage damage to the property, are very common.

A family in West Yarmouth shuts their house for the winter season and visited another town. While they were gone, a small pin hole sized damage to the water pipe caused slow leakage of the water, all through the winter. When they moved back, they were welcomed by a horrible surprise. The slow water leakage caused seepage which damaged the distemper of the walls. Not only this, constant water leakage made the environment moist, making it favorable for molds to grow and infect the house. With insects and molds infecting the entire house, it was no longer livable. With the fear of losing the property, the family immediately called the best water restoration company in Cape Cod.

What we offer:

As we claim to be available 24/7, we can provide services in emergencies. Home water damage restoration must be treated as soon as it is detected. Our team, comprises of experts who know their job well. They know how to detect water damage and treat it instantly. Our restoration services include a check up of the entire house, finding possibilities of water damage. Then we move to the steps of cleaning up the mess that has been made because of water leakage.

Well Defined Procedure:

Water Damage Cleanup Service is a six-step process which starts with an inspection and ends at a restoration of the loss. As water leakage and damage makes the environment humid and moist, one of the most important steps is drying and dehumidification. Our water damage restoration technicians are the best ones you can get when you are struck with water damage. Having the knowledge and prior experience to tackle the problem is very important.

Worry-less future:

Anyone can have trouble with the water supply in their property. Anything can cause the damage as well. Being responsible citizens, it’s important to contact the right people at the right time. Once you let us in, we will make sure that no more troubles come your way. Water damage can be a nasty business to deal with, if it is not cured and treated properly and adequately, it is most likely to relapse. Water damage can be a disease which doesn’t affect the property only, it affects you, your family, your finances, and your health as well.

As horrid as water damage can become, contacting SERVPRO is inevitable. Being experts in water damage removal and restoring your property to what it was like before, you won’t be able to deny our expertise and excellence. Using the genuine and first quality products and tools, we guarantee repair like no one other can claim.

Water Damage Restoration Service Cape Cod by us has become a need of almost every household around town. Water damages do occur, somewhere in the house, and they should be treated by the ones who know their job and value your investment in them.

Cape Cod Family Suffers Devastating Fire Damage

8/10/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cape Cod Family Suffers Devastating Fire Damage Fire and water damage destroys the personal content of a Sandwich family.

Family in Sandwich, MA Rebuilds Home After Devastating House Fire

Fire damage to your property, either commercial or residential, can be very distressing both financially as well as emotionally. Not only do you lose the things in which you have invested in, but family heirlooms can be damaged or lost forever in a fire. At such crucial times, a family in Sandwich, MA, made one call to us which put them on the road to recovering and rebuilding their home and peace of mind.

Contacting us was the least they could do and the rest of it was up to us. Not only did we restore their house but we also updated the property making the damage “Like it never even happened.”

Fire Damage Repair, Not an Easy Task

We, at SERVPRO, have built our company on the foundations of reliability, trust, convenience, and efficiency. We are trustworthy people who can fix any damage done to your property that troubles you. The range of damage caused by the fire is always extensive. It is not only the fire that causes damage, but also the water from the fire brigade too. Your property gets covered in soot. Fire damage repair requires proper, well trained and knowledgeable technicians.

SERVPRO has the best team of technicians who know their jobs well. They first inspect and identify the damages to your property, and then take steps accordingly.

Fire Restoration Service, Cape Cod

Our services include 24/7 availability and every kind of emergency scenarios are tackled as well. We have a team which is ready to help provide the best fire restoration service, Cape Cod area. Our fire restoration process comprises of six to seven steps in which we clean, repair and restores your property with as little disruption and inconvenience to you as possible.

Smoke and Soot – All Damages Restored!

Soot and smoke can be very tricky when it comes to removing these two completely and restoring and repairing the property that has been damaged because of a fire accident. Our specialists of fire smoke restoration, Cape Cod focus on restoring your property so that you can get back to your routine as soon as possible. We use special cleaning techniques which make the job easier, quicker and more effective.

Why Trust SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and Islands?

Our quality services and quick response have earned us a valuable name in the town, people have always put their faith in SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and Islands because of professionalism and desired results delivered. We are always there whenever a client calls us for help which has earned us a reputation like no other. With least disruption and best quality of material used in the restoration processes, we have always won the trust of our clients.

Restoration Available Round the Clock

We tackle emergencies 24/7 which makes us approachable and available to our clients at any given time. With the best team of specialists a company could have; we make your decision to hire us worthwhile. Our company’s motto is to provide you with the best results and meet your expectations from the beginning to the end. For us, your health and your home, matter the most and this has helped us garner the rightful recognition we hold today.