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Causes and Prevention for Mold Growth in Cabinets, Kitchen or Closets

7/26/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Islands is a leading name for residential and commercial mold remediation due to water damages.

Mold will grow rapidly, taking over almost any surface in your home, if you let it. Not only is it ugly and unappealing, it can pose serious risks that are detrimental to your health. Mold is commonly found in the least favorable places. This can be your cabinets, kitchen or closets. We SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and the Island  have seen mold in just about every place you can think of, and we’ve been able to scour it away every time.

Common Causes

Mold thrives best in a combination of three atmospheres; warm, dark, and moist. It lives off of wood, plants, cotton, paper and other similar materials. With just enough oxygen and little ventilation, mold might spread like wildfire. It's upsetting when this very thing happens in your closet. It will rot away the wood, and even worse it will spread to your clothing.

Moisture Level/Condensation

Moisture is a primary factor acting as a catalyst for mold growth. Wardrobes placed near windows or directly against walls tend to hold more humidity. This makes it the perfect place for mold growth, because it has minimal ventilation. To prevent conditions for mold growth, apply proper airflow to reduce moisture.

Soggy Clothing

Some people think it is a good idea to hang up their clothes to dry. There are a multitude reasons behind why they may choose to do this. However hanging your clothes in a dark and close closet is basically inviting mold to grow there. Clothing will take much longer to dry, without airflow or sunlight and time is a component in mold growth. All in all, hang wet clothes in open, well-lit spaces, for efficient drying and mold prevention.


Mold growth needs to put in a check to avoid health problems. It is better to seek out mold removal services right away. Mold growth can persist and affect large areas of the house.  Some of the ways to prevent mold growth are:

Special Attention

Give your wardrobe a  little special attention every now and then when you are cleaning. The most effective method is to mix bleach with water to wash mold away. Keep in mind, a bleach may be a little to harsh for wardrobes made up of wood. In such a situation, try using a gentle cleaning solution.

Prevention Methods

One idea for a gentle cleaning solution is to mix half white vinegar and half water. This is acidic enough to remove regular mold and even tough black mold. After removing the mold, wipe the area down with undiluted vinegar to kill spore that may be hanging on.   Some other preventive tactics are:

  • Keep your wardrobe a few centimeters from the wall to avoid condensation.
  • Avoid hanging damp clothes in the closet.
  • When drying clothes, give a space between items to avoid spore growth from one item to another.
  • Go for wire shelves instead of solid shelves to have better air circulation.

Mold removal is necessary for your health and your property. Prevention and restoration are two ways to deal with it. To get effective results, call in the pros from SERVPRO of Upper Cape and the Islands. Our trained restoration technicians have specialized equipment to tackle damages of all sizes. To learn more about our water, storm, or commercial mold remediation; give us a call at (508) 888-5985.

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