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The Arctic Blast Will Effect Cape Cod & The Islands

2/12/2016 (Permalink)

The arctic blast storm will be upon us this weekend. Preparing for it will help prevent water damages from happening on Cape Cod and the Islands

Local meteorologists are forecasting an arctic blast heading towards Cape Cod & The Islands this weekend! With severe wind chill warnings of temperatures that can dip as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, this artic blast can cause frostbite to unexposed skin and water damage from frozen pipes. 

Also for many, this weekend marks the start of school vacation for many students in Massachusetts. Families with dreams of laying on sandy beaches may have their bags packed, heading for warmer climates or, in some cases, to hit the slopes. Before leaving your home this weekend make sure that you take these precautions to prevent your pipes from freezing. No one wants to return home from a dream vacation to find a nightmare of a water damage.  

How to keep your pipes from freezing:

 ·      Keep the thermostat turned up.

·      Allow water to trickle from a faucet. This will keep the    water flowing through the pipes, which helps to prevent freezing.

·      Open cabinet doors ajar in the kitchen and bathroom, which allows warm air to flow into these areas which tend to contain water and plumbing pipes. This is especially important if the pipes are located on an exterior wall.

·      Shut off the water main to the house.

·      Shut off the water to the washing machine

·      Avoid starting the dishwasher before leaving the house. If the hose gives away, which can happen any time, it will cause significant amounts of water to flow into the home.

·      Turn off the water to any outdoor faucets, including the outdoor shower. 

 However, if it does happen, know that with one call to SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod & The Islands, we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

Other precautions to consider to keep your home safe during an artic blast. If possible, have a friend or neighbor check on the home while you are away. If you have pets or animals, do not leave them alone. These four legged family members have been known to cause significant water damage to homes.  

We once received a call from a homeowner whose cat flooded the house.  Apparently, the homeowner had gone away on vacation but had made arrangements for a relative to come in once a week to check on the cat.  The owners decided to leave the bathroom faucet on just enough for it to trickle so the cat could access water any time it wanted between the weekly visits. One day, while drinking from the faucet, the cat happened to step on the stopper in the sink, its paw pushing it down so that the sink began to fill with water. A trickling faucet can rack up significant gallons of water over the course of a week. About six days later when the caretaker opened the front door to check on kitty, she found water pouring down the stairs.

 If it does snow, have the snow from the roof removed to prevent an ice dam.

If you are using a space heater in any of the rooms in your home, keep it clear of any fabrics or furniture and never leave it unattended.

If you use an electric heating blanket, do not fall asleep with the blanket turned on and do not leave it turned on unattended.

The sun really is a wonderful and natural warming agent, even in the winter. Try to open blinds and drapes during the day so that the sun can warm up the home and close them at night to keep the cold temperatures out.

Looking on the positive side of this upcoming artic blast …. the coldest day of this weekend is going to be Sunday, February 14th….a perfect day for snuggling up with the one you love to stay warm. The better news is that these artic temperatures are not expected to last long and by Tuesday, it will be a balmy 40 degrees…practically bathing suit weather here in Massachusetts.  But for the next three days, I hope you stay warm and make sure that you have taken precautions to keep your pipes from freezing. If you or anyone you know needs help with a property damage, please contact us.

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