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Simple Approaches Used in Falmouth to Ease Fire Damage Repair

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO box truck parked on the street We have state-of-the-art equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your Falmouth home after fire damage.

SERVPROs Simple Tactics Ease Falmouth Fire Restoration 

Problems in Falmouth property can vary significantly after fire incidents. Hazardous structural areas, heavy soiling, and odors are some typical issues. Resolving the problems can be time-consuming, costly, and generally inconveniencing, so most people opt to hire a professional to handle fire damage. 

Although the Falmouth professional delivering fire damage restoration services may be popular for using advanced techniques or sophisticated equipment, simple actions also form a significant portion of the restorative actions taken. When done correctly, the process can be easier or faster. SERVPRO has developed various strategies over the years.

Simple strategies that ease cleaning

  • Doing a thorough inspection
  • Changing cleaning water frequently
  • Using products at the proper pH levels

Clearing heavy soiling from surfaces or materials can take longer if unnecessarily repetitive. The proper preparation processes and execution strategies can cut down the time involved. Our SERVPRO crews prioritize inspection before most of the other remediation steps. Assessment helps reveal the soil type or how stubbornly it is embedded on surfaces. Fire residues vary from fine dry soot to wet or smeary smoke residues. Wet residues are considerably challenging to wipe off from surfaces. Dry soot, on the hand, might penetrate beyond the surface since the intense heat of combustion opens up pores in materials.

The inspection done during fire restoration can be a simple or elaborate process. For example, rubbing a brightly colored cleaning sponge over surfaces to track residue spread patterns is a form of inspection. Other inspection approaches include doing chemical tests to establish the properties of residues or the affected materials. Chemical tests are beneficial when preparing to clean fabrics since they help reveal issues like propensity to stretch or dye bleeding.

Cleaning is more successful when applying unique approaches rather than standard techniques. Under most circumstances, that means using elaborate cleaning methods. However, it can also include simple techniques that you could easily dismiss while completing diverse tasks. Changing cleaning water constantly and maintaining the pH of the cleaning solution are two simple techniques that help improve the outcomes of fire cleanup exercises. Our SERVPRO FSRT-certified technicians manage pH levels by choosing products in the correct pH range which can be acidic or alkaline depending on the cleaning task. For example, heavy-duty cleaners that strip away greasy fire residues are highly alkaline, with a pH of around 10 to 14. Maintaining the pH level is also essential. Our technicians add a buffering agent in the cleaning solution to keep that range throughout the cleaning, thus maintaining its effectiveness.

Other Fire Damage Restoration Strategies 

Since most blazes are usually limited to a specific house area, the location or position of damage influences the ease of restoration. Heavy smoke deposits or charring on elevated house sections such as ceilings or wall sections are particularly challenging to address because of the difficulty reach. Also, when cleaning, it is easy to soil contents and materials lying below the affected area creating unnecessary damage.

Simple solutions include:

  • Doing move-outs
  • Elevated access resources
  • Special cleaning equipment

Manipulating contents or moving them from the property ensures they do not stand in the way or incur damages from debris and cleaning solutions. Our SERVPRO teams efficiently manage the contents that need to move out of the way since we have enough workforce and handy tools such as handcarts. For elevated reach, extension poles and ladders come in handy.

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands helps simplify fire damage restoration. You can reach us at (508) 888-5985. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Diverse Reasons Why Falmouth Properties Develop Water Damage

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

air movers stacked in a water damaged home Our staff and technicians have extensive cleaning and restoration training and equipment to handle any size of water damage in Falmouth.

Can Falmouth Water Restoration by SERVPRO Deliver?

Many materials that form the house structure, whether in the floors, ceilings, walls, and trim, deteriorate if exposed unnecessarily to moisture. The water damage your Falmouth home develops can be instantaneous or gradual, taking weeks or months to become noticeable. The deterioration from gradual water exposure is usually dire since exposure time for materials is unlimited. 

Knowing why your home in Falmouth can develop water damage is essential in preventing or limiting extreme deterioration from gradual moisture exposure. Moisture retention or intrusion are the two most likely reasons for such damage. SERVPRO professionals can help inspect your home, revealing where such risks might emanate from. 

A house can retain moisture because of a drainage system problem that prevents regular evacuation, especially wastewater, as intended. Partial clogging is especially problematic since it might go unnoticed or ignored over a long time. Moisture retention can also happen without involving plumbing systems. Condensation is one of the main processes that can cause such retention. Condensation occurs when humid air cools down, converting the vapor it holds back to liquid water. The kitchen and bathroom are the most likely vapor sources of condensation in your house, leading to water damage. 

Water intrusion occurs from:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Roof leaks
  • Appliance malfunction

Effects of Moisture Exposure

Water is benign in everyday use, but when left to interact with materials over an extended period, it triggers several problems ranging from swelling, staining, warping, and delamination. For example, you might notice that doors operating smoothly suddenly start getting stuck, indicating warping trim or swelling door materials. 

Since water is by far a standard substance, the effects moisture has on materials depend on the physical properties of the said material. Some materials can withstand extended exposure for weeks or months, while others are ruined within a day. 

Factors Affecting Moisture Processes

  • Composition
  • Permeability
  • Porosity

High moisture levels readily damage highly porous materials and those made up of composite parts because of higher absorption rates and the deterioration of cement or glues holding the distinct materials together. On the other hand, permeability is the possibility of moisture passing through materials at standard vapor pressure. Permeance is measured in grains per hour on a square foot of a surface. Permeance determines which materials act as a vapor barrier locking in moisture within a material, thus hampering mitigation efforts such as drying. 

Professional assistance helps identify the uniqueness of materials and establish the best remedies to halt or reverse damages. Our SERVPRO technicians check for moisture barriers such as gloss paint on surfaces or 4-mil plastic sheets installed behind drywall which might stall drying. 

Whatever materials the intrusion effects, performing thorough drying is essential. Our SERVPRO crews facilitate drying by increasing airflow around the wet materials using specialized equipment. We successfully set up several air movers and a dehumidifier unit to cover the wet areas. An air mover is a technological device that uses fans to harness and direct airflow in a specific direction. We also apply heat when necessary, but in most cases, the warm exhaust from dehumidifiers is sufficient in providing the essential heat.

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands can help evaluate your property to determine the source of water damage if it is not readily apparent. You can reach us at (508) 888-5985.

Ways Falmouth Residences Can Contain Mold Damage

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

containment barrier set up in a mold damaged room Wherever you find mold damage in your Falmouth home, team SERVPRO can help remediate the damage. Contact us 24/7 for services.

Falmouth Homeowners Benefit From SERVPRO Mold Remediation

Mold is a progressive problem in terms of damage to properties. The incident at your Falmouth home can leave a mild impact or develop into a full-blown crisis that requires elaborate restoration procedures. Unlike other property disasters, you can influence the result of mold damage in your property based on your actions.

The action you can take in Falmouth to contain mold damage might depend on the timing of discovery. If the issue is in its formative stages, you only need to take the steps that curtail microbial growth and perform the cleanup. However, removing deteriorated materials is necessary if the contamination has taken root. Whatever the situation, assistance from SERVPRO is beneficial.

Containing mold contamination requires:

  • Limiting growth
  • Limiting debris spread
  • Preventing harmful exposure

Mold requires sufficient moisture and a source of food. It develops when spores on surfaces sprout, spreading hyphae and creating a colony. Disrupting growth is possible by stopping all water sources supplying an area or inhibiting microbial growth processes. Our SERVPRO technicians help by extracting stagnant water or drying wet materials. Inhibiting growth processes is also by applying chemical agents with antifungal and antibacterial properties on surfaces. For example, after removing the carpet and pad, we use the biocide on the floor surface before laying a new carpet.

Handling Mold Debris

In a moldy property, debris comes from several sources, including loose colony fragments, deteriorated materials, and dust from the drilling or cutting process when removing unsalvageable materials. Any heavily contaminated porous material like drywall, carpet, pad or insulation is deemed unsalvageable since cleaning and other restoration procedures cannot remove the root-like hyphae that penetrate its surfaces. 

Controlling the spread of mold debris takes erecting physical barriers. Our SERVPRO technicians take the initiative to ensure such barriers are airtight. We use 6-mil plastic sheets supported with PVC pipes or spring-loaded metallic rods. An adhesive tape helps secure the edges. We also establish negative air pressure, which contains the debris released into the air when materials are disturbed through agitation, demolition, or cutting. 

Containment barriers are not necessary for every type of contamination. However, debris control is essential in all cases. If demolition is not required, more straightforward techniques can help control the spread of spores and moldy materials. The crucial thing is to understand what needs protection from such materials. Protecting cleaned areas while the remediation is in progress is a helpful step. Otherwise, it can turn too repetitive, taking unnecessary time. Residue capture is also an alternative solution since it directly removes soils from contaminated areas to the waste collection containers.

Specific actions that help include:

  • Directional cleaning 
  • Limiting airflow 
  • Extractive cleaning like vacuuming

Vacuum cleaning and air filtration are two great extractive cleaning solutions. Our SERVPRO technicians use devices fitted with High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters that capture 99.97 percent of residues. Such filters can remove residues as small as 0.3 microns. Vacuuming helps eliminate residues embedded in cracks or crevices. On the other hand, the air filtration process has additional benefits, such as minimizing odors by capturing or neutralizing malodor molecules.

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands has the necessary resources to control mold damage "Like it never even happened." Call us at (508) 888-5985.

The Best Way to Handle Fire Damage Remediation in Your Falmouth Home

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Kitchen fires happen. Don't stress about it alone. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Toxic Residues Complicate Fire Damage Recovery in Falmouth

The smoke and soot residues created by the fire in your Falmouth home differ significantly from everyday grime and dirt. Not only does cleanup require different products and techniques, but the residues can be hazardous when handled without precautions. Our fire damage mitigation and remediation managers and technicians master research-based strategies and techniques through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework to safely and efficiently clean fire residues. Our specialized qualifications can help you get through fire recovery.

Dangerous Substances Found in Smoke and Soot

Fire damage in Falmouth exposes the structure and contents of your home to a broad range of corrosive compounds. As various materials burn during a fire event, chemicals, including gases, tars, and particles, partially combust and become airborne. A typical household fire destroys organic and synthetic fabrics, foams, plastics, wood, and wood products, and even lead or asbestos-containing materials, among other items. The acidic properties of the residues discolor surfaces, tarnish metals, etch glass, and weaken building materials.

Cleanup Requires Air Scrubbing and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When SERVPRO arrives, our experienced crew assesses the scene and then gets to work. We remove and properly dispose of contaminated firefighting water first and then turn to the lingering smoke and soot residues. Erecting a containment partition for the work area is a common tactic, using heavy-duty plastic. We seal off the space and improve its air quality with negative pressure air scrubbing technology. HEPA filters trap particles and the dirty air vents to the outside. Our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) wear PPE for their safety and prevent tracking toxic fire residues through other areas of your home as they complete remediation tasks.

Every Type of Soot Has Its Own Cleaning Protocol

Soot can smear, carries malodors, and often clings tenaciously to surfaces. SERVPRO technicians are masters at matching particular types of soot with cleaning products, tools, and cleaning techniques. We also have specialized cleaning resources at our production facility, including ultrasonic immersion tubs and industrial washing and drying systems. Heirlooms and other items you feared destined for the trash can find new function and life when our content technicians perform their magic.

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands invests in the equipment and training needed to support safe and effective fire damage recovery results. As soon as the authorities permit, call us at (508) 888-5985 for help with toxic fire residues.

Avoid Delays When Dealing a Mold Infestation In East Sandwich

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on Wall When a mold infestation seems extensive, it's time to call for help. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Why SERVPRO Is the Only Call to Make for East Sandwich Mold Remediation

Residences in East Sandwich are equipped with appliances to make daily tasks easier, allowing homeowners to manage busy lives better. One of the hardest working appliances used daily in any home is the dishwasher. Built-in models are plumbed directly to a freshwater supply line and drain used soapy and food-filled water into the kitchen’s waste pipe. There are numerous ways water can escape, including malfunctioning pumps, cracked hoses, or loose or defective connections. 

Recently we were called to check for mold by an East Sandwich homeowner who noticed a persistent musty odor in the kitchen. When our crew arrived, we noted the smell grew stronger near the dishwasher. The floor in front of the appliance also appeared damp, showing distortion of the hardwood strips near the base of the dishwasher.

We pulled the dishwasher from its niche, discovering active mold growth stemming from significant water damage behind the unit. Mold spores require a source of moisture and an organic surface to infiltrate as the organism multiplies. The wallboard behind the dishwasher absorbed nutrient-rich fluids from a leaky waste hose, providing the perfect environment for a rapidly multiplying mold colony.

As the picture shows, the plywood under the dishwasher also sustained water saturation, explaining the warped boards just under the toe kick. After careful assessment of the extent of the damage, our SERVPRO mold remediation team planned an appropriate intervention. Adhering to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols for safe and effective mold remediation, we contained the affected area and removed the mold. Because the wall was porous, the mold hyphae were well-established inside the building material. Our team cut out and disposed of the microbially compromised and wet drywall along with the rest of the moldy residue, following local hazardous waste regulations.   

Inhibiting the chance of mold rebound is why SERVPRO treated all affected surfaces with an EPA-registered antimicrobial. Then we dried the space thoroughly, returning all structural components to normal moisture levels compared to other areas in the home. Our general contractor license permits to streamline needed rebuilding and repair of the wall and floor. 

Wraparound remediation and construction capabilities are why SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands can manage even complicated mold scenarios. Make an appointment with our experienced assessment team by calling (508) 888-5985.

Contractor Licenses:

General: CS-108357

Easing Water Damage Repair in Falmouth Homes

6/2/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment drying floor Don’t let water damage overwhelm you, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands.

Why SERVPRO Offers Convenient Falmouth Water Repair

You can address water intrusion relatively easily by extracting and drying all wet areas. It might also turn into a dire situation requiring various water damage repair actions. If you feel that the water volume or the materials in your Falmouth house might pose some challenges, you can seek professional assistance. 

The issues that complicate water damage repair in Falmouth properties can be simple or advanced. They might also develop immediately after the intrusion or as you handle the restoration. Intervention from SERVPRO helps streamline restoration, creating convenience for you and improving outcomes.

Water repair fixes

  • Rotting and mold growth
  • Corrosion and disintegration of materials
  • Swelling or warping in wood

Physical problems are expected after moisture levels spike in an indoor environment. Water penetrates through the spaces in porous materials, soaking them thoroughly. Fabrics such as carpets lose their tensile strength and can stretch or tear easily when wet. For others, especially wood, the cellulose in their core structure expands, leading to changes like swelling or warping. Our SERVPRO crews prefer a preventive approach rather than repairing the problems when they are already worse. 

Preventive Repair Solutions

Minimizing moisture interaction with materials is critical for preventive restoration. Our SERVPRO technicians use powerful water extractors to remove high volumes of water or improve extraction thoroughness, thus priming materials for drying. Regulating all restorative actions also prevents severe damage. For instance, gradually drying wooden furniture or structural materials ensures they do not crack or warp.

Some problems develop quickly, so preventive repair does not stop them from happening. Rather, it thwarts spreading or affecting nearby materials. Rusting of metal items or accessories is common after water exposure and can be easily addressed by refinishing or replacing the affected parts. However, permanent staining can develop if the rust spreads to nearby fabrics. Our SERVPRO technicians combat such staining by setting wax paper to separate metal parts from textiles, limiting the work needed.

Other helpful steps

  • Applying biocides to cleaned areas limiting bacterial growth
  • Limiting physical exertion to prevent delamination
  • Using drying chambers for better drying

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands handle water damage repair conveniently. Call us at (508) 888-5985. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

Why Is Training So Important When Looking For a Mold Remediation Company in Falmouth?

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Mold on wall Count on the professionals at SERVPRO if you find mold damage in your property.

Falmouth Residents Need Professional Mold Remediation

There are lots of situations where you need a highly-trained specialist. This is true if you are looking for a medical professional, beauty therapist, or mechanic in Falmouth. Some home repair jobs need a specialist touch.

When you need mold remediation in Falmouth, there are many things you will want to know about the company you choose. We will discuss some of those now – and talk about why training is so necessary.

What Does a Mold Remediation Company Do?

A mold remediation company in Falmouth handles fungal growth in your home. There are many steps to mold remediation, including:

  • Assessment of the situation and drawing up a cleanup plan
  • Putting up containment barriers so the mold spores cannot escape and set up camp elsewhere
  • Scrubbing, wiping, and abrasion as needed to remove visible growth
  • Drying to discourage regrowth
  • Deodorization and cleanup to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands also handles restoration. This can include removing and replacing drywall, putting up new wallpaper, re-painting surfaces, and, in more advanced outbreaks, controlled demolition and rebuilding of severely damaged areas. Some mold situations are not advanced enough to require restoration, but it is good to know our people can handle it when needed.

How Do I Know Whether I Need Mold Remediation?

If you suspect you have mold in your Falmouth house, you need mold remediation. Signs of decay include damp patches on walls and ceilings and visible mold growth, which can be black, pinkish, white and fuzzy, or green-tinted. You might also notice a damp or musty smell.

SERVPRO recommends you call us as soon as you notice tell-tale signs of fungal growth. Mold spores are microscopic and can quickly break away from the colony to form new growth elsewhere in your home. Time is of the essence, so we can swiftly contain the situation.

What Should I Look For in a Remediation Specialist?

When searching for a remediation specialist, there are several things to look for:

  • Fast response – we recommend calling a company like SERVPRO that is available all day, every day
  • A company that uses industry-standard equipment to remove mold
  • Proper cleanup after remediation so you do not even know they were there
  • Excellent customer service, which includes following up with you after they finish the job (SERVPRO always does this)
  • A commitment to training their people to the highest standard

Why is Specialist Training Essential?

Mold remediation is not as simple as wiping down affected surfaces. To be effective, a mold remediation technician needs first to understand fungus and how and where it grows. Knowing the biological processes involved means that the technician knows why they must do things a certain way. This deeper understanding empowers them to make the best choices in each situation.

Before they commence cleaning, mold specialists must set up containment. We ensure our staff understands why containment matters and how to use it effectively to decrease the chance of spores spreading.

Mold remediation involves the use of a wide range of equipment and chemicals. For example, a technician might use a moisture meter or probe to measure dampness in the air. During remediation, they might be called on to use abrasive blasters, such as dry ice or baking soda blasters, to scour mold from hard surfaces.

When cleaning is complete, technicians will use dehumidifiers, fans, and air scrubbers to dry the area and capture loose mold spores. Air scrubbers also help deodorize the room.

At all points during remediation, technicians must remain aware of health and safety and take all necessary steps to ensure they meet health and safety guidelines.

What Kind of Training Does SERVPRO Offer?

Comprehensive training is at the heart of our service.

Franchise owners undertake a comprehensive fifteen-day hands-on course to make sure they have excellent knowledge of remediation work. We train all our staff to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards. The IICRC is a non-profit specializing in training for the restoration industries.

We also invest in our staff with ongoing training opportunities. We offer a self-paced employee certification to all our technicians and give all staff access to online learning. Our team needs to be up to date with the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to obtain the best results.

Every franchise includes specialist mold technicians within its crew.

Proper training gives you peace of mind because every staff member who enters your home knows how to care for it and how to remediate mold properly. Well-trained workers do not only remove mold – they take steps to prevent it from regrowing, keeping your home fresher for longer.

If you are looking for a mold remediation company, call SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands at (508) 888-5985.

I Have Fire Damage in My Falmouth Property After a Kitchen Fire, How Do I Restore it?

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Fire truck SERVPRO will get your house back to feeling like home again. Call on our professionals for help after a fire in your home.

Talk to SERVPRO Technicians in Falmouth to Handle the Fire Damage on Your Property.

Dealing with fire damage can be overwhelming to property owners. However, no matter how far the damage has spread, professional restorers can help you bring your property back to its original state. SERVPRO professionals in Falmouth can handle fire damage using approved techniques and advanced equipment to restore your home safely.

How Can I Help with the Restoration Process?

Most property owners want to begin restoration and do everything they can to make it more efficient. However, using household cleaning agents can worsen fire damage in your Falmouth property. The cleaning agents and unprofessional restoration techniques can cause the soot and smoke residues to smear and seep deeper into the affected materials.

It is best to let SERVPRO technicians handle the restoration process since we have the proper equipment, advanced products, and resources to restore the structures and contents of your house. However, you can help set aside contents that must be restored. That helps our restorers to be more efficient during recovery.

Which Items Should I Carry With Me?

We advise our customers to keep items with a high monetary value close to them at all times. They include content such as:

  •   Credit cards, checkbooks, and cash
  •   Personal documents
  •   Medications
  •   Artwork

Can You Remove the Ash-like Odor?

The ash-like odor can last for an extended period if not handled by professionals. Odors can linger in confined areas as well as other surfaces such as furniture. We can combine several deodorization techniques and products to eliminate the odor. Some of the products and devices we use to remove odors after fire damage include:

  •   Deodorant pellets or granules
  •   Odor counteracting beads
  •   Water-based odor counteracts
  •   Thermal foggers
  •   Hydroxyl machines

Is it Okay to Turn on my Air Conditioner?

We highly recommend our customers leave the HVAC unit off until our technicians inspect and clean the system. Fire damage may affect the unit, and turning it on can spread smoke residues throughout the property. Our technicians can use augers, brushes, and air whips to agitate and remove soils from all parts of the ventilation.

Handling fire damage without proper skills and equipment can be challenging. Contact SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands at (508) 888-5985 for fast restoration services. We can make the fire loss seem “Like it never even happened.”

What To Expect After Flood Damage to Your Sandwich Home

4/21/2022 (Permalink)

air scrubber and equipment drying carpet removed room Falmouth homeowners love the effort and results that SERVPRO technicians provide during flood damage cleanup and restoration

Two Flood Damage Scenarios Faced by Sandwich Homeowner

Properties can become flooded in gallons of water in as little as a few hours. These situations can either occur from external factors such as flash flooding or internal issues like malfunctioning drains or burst pipes. The resulting situation, a homeowner being ankle-deep in standing water, is the same. Circumstances involving flooding require immediate action to control losses and restore your property to normal.

Professional services can ensure that flood damage in your Sandwich home does not cause long-term issues with odor, microbial growth, or structural impact. As a homeowner, contacting SERVPRO to organize a restoration service is essential to the effective loss recovery procedure. External flooding issues should be left alone, as these situations can be Biohazardous waste scenarios due to contaminated groundwater.

Issues with burst pipes are often clean water emergencies, allowing a homeowner to carefully remove light furnishings from the affected area and onto the home's upper levels. This procedure can help preserve possessions while an experienced water restoration technician is on the way. However, water exerts extreme pressure on floors, walls, and cavities in the home; if you have doubts about the structural integrity of your property, wait for a professional.

Water incidents are time-sensitive, meaning that the longer the situation continues, the more damage it causes. SERVPRO technicians can deploy gas pumps to quickly remove standing water from the affected area and deposit it into a nearby sewer point. Once the water is removed, we can begin an inspection of items. In some cases, items can be cleaned on-site, others may need to be taken to an external cleaning facility, and some, unfortunately, may need to be discarded. SERVPRO technicians seek to restore items rather than replace them for the benefit of the homeowner.

In cleaning possessions, your technician can conduct initial tests on a small area to ensure that the item responds well to the cleaning solution and that no further damage is caused. Large furniture can be vacuum dried using water extractors or ventilation systems like box fans. Some fabrics may benefit from mechanical cleaning using Esporta washing machines. As your technician inspects the area, each item is earmarked and given an individual strategy for restoration. SERVPRO can significantly restore your storm-damaged home by keeping control of the small details.

Take back control of painful property damage by arranging a callout with our flood recovery team. Contact SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands at (508) 888-5985.

Washable Fire-Damaged Falmouth Shop Surfaces

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

fire damaged rubble Fire damaged commercial sites in Falmouth benefit from SERVPRO's cleanup, removal, and build-back services

Inspections Determine the Salvageability of Fire Damage in Falmouth Properties

Our technicians first arrive at fire-damaged stores and inspect the building for several possible damages. It is vital to scope out the fire's impact on individual construction elements to get mitigation and restoration actions started quickly. Fire, smoke, and related threats affect porous materials with:

  • Odors
  • Soot
  • Smoke Residues
  • Water Damage

Can the Material Be Wet Cleaned?

The term washable refers to the ability of responding technicians to overcome fire damage in Falmouth shops using chemical products in our inventory. Wet cleaners are often the type to dissolve or emulsify soils on the surface to wipe them away, but all affected services cannot withstand added moisture. Washable contents and building materials make salvageability more affordable and manageable without requiring replacement or intricate off-site cleaning. 

What Dry Cleaning Methods Exist?

Dry cleaning is when no added moisture is used to overcome soot deposits on surfaces. Typically, equipment from our inventory, like chemical sponges, is used to remove loose debris in cleaning these structural elements. Dry smoke damage is often removed using dry cleaning approaches.

Demolition and Repairs of Non-Salvageable Structure

The affected building materials of your store can also show too much damage for cleaning and restoration services to be effective. We rely on our General Contractor License #: CS-108357

to perform controlled demolition and necessary repairs in these cases. We offer a wealth of build-back services to overcome the reconstruction needs of commercial properties and get your shop back open as soon as possible.

Fires affect several surfaces in your shop differently. While some will require dry cleaning approaches like chemical sponges to remove residues, others will need more complex wet cleaning solutions using potent chemicals from our inventory. However, our SERVPRO of Upper Cape Cod and The Islands team can help, we are ready to get you back in business when you call (508) 888-5985.